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The 8 Most Ridiculous Muscle-Building Tactics You Shouldn’t Try

Some people would do just anything to build rapid muscle. Some methods are quite intense and effective but a little crazy. Others are downright ridiculous and they will make you look foolish. We interviewed several strength training coaches on the craziest strategies gym goers and athletes do to gain muscle and this is what they had to say:

Taking countless calories daily

Some guys take giant meals like 4 full chickens at a go or something like a whole cake with 8 oatmeal cups and protein powder. Imagine somebody taking 200 pieces of sushi until the restaurant manager starts complaining! This is very wrong because what you will be doing is adding fatty layers to your body as opposed to lean muscles.

Wrapping rubber bands around the arms

This activity aims at restricting blood flow around the arms. I don’t know how people get crazy ideas but this is very extreme. This should be the last thing you need to do to increase muscle mass no matter your size. Of course, there are studies that justify blood restriction training but if you just started working out, forget about this idea. Leave it to the heavy weightlifters.


Some uninformed athletes run for 5 miles in a bid to strengthen their legs. Please don’t try this; you will end up like a toothpick on a chicken nugget.

Excessive bench pressing

Spending 9 hours on a bench press is a complete waste of time and energy. This is a mistake that most weight training beginners make when they want to build stronger chests. For God’s sake, you cannot do 10 reps in every two minutes for 9 hours! Don’t try this strategy; overworking your muscles will bring negative results.

Taking potatoes between sets

Who said that baked potatoes will help you bulk up? You are only adding unnecessary calories. Remember that you are supposed to lose weight first and then build lean muscles. Now, when you take too many carbs, you will be doing the reverse.

Taking a gallon of milk every day

This is the craziest thing you can do to pack muscles. You will end up with a bloated stomach because your stomach will be overwhelmed by the amount of protein it needs to digest. Can you workout properly with a bloated stomach? It doesn’t seem like an enjoyable way to gain muscles.

Training a muscle group once in a week

This method is simply ineffective. What happens with most is that they smash their muscle with tons of sets to failure and left for another whole week. The best way to work muscle groups is doing moderate exercises on a regular basis, eating well, and resting accordingly.

Focusing on upper body muscle building workouts only

Some guys in the gym are always bench-pressing and lifting dumbbells. As if that’s not crazy enough they put on tight pants while exercising. And if you ask them why they don’t train their legs, they will tell you that women don’t care about men’s legs but huge chests and arms. In the end, these guys end up with an unbalanced torso.

A lot of people make these 8 mistakes in their rapid personal training. Do not be like them if you want to look great.