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Which Manhattan Music School Is The Best For Upcoming Musicians And Artists?

One of the most common questions asked by prospective music majors is, ‘which is the best Manhattan music school? Whatever your genre, instrument, or area of interest, you will always get a subjective answer. The advice you get from private consultants, college counsellors, parents, teachers and from websites will often conflict, contradict and may even get confusing. It is important to note that each prospective musician has his or unique areas of interest, expectations and goals. In this regard, it is important to know the criteria of choosing the very best music school in your area.


The important basic questions to ask:


The following questions are very important and will help you make the best choice.


  • What exactly do you want to study in music?
  • What goals do you want to achieve? Do you want to be a career musician for example?
  • Whom would you like to study with?
  • Which is your best learning environment? Is it competitive or non-competitive? In small city or small town? In a student body or large school?
  • What is your budget and financial plans for the training? Will you need merit scholarships or financial aid?


After asking the above questions, you will be able to narrow down to some few choices of music schools. You should take you time and visit the physical location of the music school New York. Most of the schools will be willing to offer as much information as possible about their courses, structure of lessons, costs of tuition, and may even be allowed to set up some lesson with the music teachers who will be training you. You can request whether you can attend one of the classes and even spend a night at the hostels.


The opportunities available:


It is often said that music is 90% business and 10% entertainment. As you seek to join music school, you expect that the skills you get there will make you a better musician. Does the music school have many ensembles? Are fully staged operas performed at the school? Are opera scene programs performed at the music school? Is everyone allowed to participate? Does the school boast of professional instrumentalist? In one semester, how many concerts are performed at the school?


Availability or otherwise of coaching staff and collaborative piano program:


If you want to become a signer, coaching is very important of the training. The cost of studio accompanist or staff coach should be included in the tuition and should not be payable separately. The only time you should pay out of pocket the collaborative pianist is when you need rehearsals outside the class lessons or for recitals.


The curriculum:


It is the curriculum structure which makes a Manhattan music school superior to the others. Among the courses included in most curricula is music analysis, music history, evolution of music, music genres, and modern music. Ensure you get a prospective students brochure which explains clearly the curriculum offered by the music school.


Availability of financial aid:


Most students needs some financial help to enrol or to complete their studies. A good music school should offer financial help. The private music schools are known to offer better financial aid than the public counterparts. If you need financial help, enquire in advance from the music school and know how much it can offer.


Successful music careers of recent graduates: 


Are the graduates of the music school in Manhattan successful in the international, national, regional or local music arena? Do not join a school unless you can pinpoint some of its recent graduates who have recorded success in their music career.